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9rd Generation Of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2018-08-22
1. Detection of the third generation system can be used for Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 / XP/Vista/Windows 7, such as any mainstream operating system, support a variety of desktop, laptop, netbook.
2. The third generation of instrument adopt "dual-core" processor, running at a faster rate, gathering more accurate.
3. The new type of HID chip, insert can be used like a mouse, no installation problems.
4. A new circuit design, USB power supply is simple, convenient, safe, more stable.
5. Support the quantum detector and the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine meridian detector can insert at the same time, won't cause can information loss.
6. Humanized operating software, the new interface design, simple and quick operation. Software installed automatically, do not need to install the driver.
7. Enhanced customer archive management, access to the target customer at any time.
8. The new software increased the "comparative analysis", can clear, clear to the test results were compared.
9. The third generation of quantum magnetic resonance analyzer to write internal data center, which report accuracy increased more than 10%.
10. The three generations of quantum magnetic resonance analyzer to improve the renal report way, more convenient customer to understand, but also improved the accuracy.
11. To account for the reference standards and parameters in the report content is free to control, more convenient personalization.
12. Once the new software can save all the report of testing, comprehensive report will also be stored into the same document.
13. More rich content, a new quantum report number increased to 32 families, increase the body composition, amino acids, eye, etc obesity index detection report, the original project has increased the new content.
14. The third generation of software correction formula of age, and some spelling errors, bugs, etc. make your optimal sales way.
15. Beautiful inspection report make more pure and fresh vision, good colour collocation, the page displays, make the watch report more convenient and intuitive.
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