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Auxiliary treatment of covid-19 patients with oxygen concentrator

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2020-04-08
Working Principle
The Oxygen Concentrator adopts the advanced (PSA) pressure swing adsorption air separation technology, which is based on the difference of adsorbability of adsorbents (zeolite molecular sieve) to nitrogen and oxygen in air, and the different adsorption characteristics of the sorbent under different pressure to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen.
There are two pressure swing adsorption towers filled with molecular sieve in the oxygen making machine. When the air enters the adsorption tower A, which contains the adsorbents, the nitrogen adsorption capacity is strong and the oxygen is not adsorbed. When the air is pressurized, the nitrogen in the air can be adsorbed, the unabsorbed oxygen is collected into a gas collecting chamber at the lower end of the adsorption tower. After the set intake cycle is completed, the adsorption tower A ends the intake to produce oxygen and enters the nitrogen removal process, while the other adsorption tower B enters the nitrogen removal process simultaneously, and uses the oxygen separated from the adsorption tower B to reverse blow the adsorption tower A, the nitrogen adsorbed by molecular sieve in adsorption tower A is blown back into the ambient air, and the nitrogen can be adsorbed again at the next pressurization to make oxygen. The whole process is dynamic and cyclic, and molecular sieve is not consumed. In this way, high concentration of oxygen can be obtained at the outlet of the adsorption tower. PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology is called because of the characteristic of adsorbents which change with the pressure, so the adsorbents can be adsorbed alternately.
Scope of application
Oxygen therapy or relieving all kinds of discomfort caused by Hypoxia.
Main Structure
The product is composed of host, flow meter, Humidifier bottle, oxygen absorption tube, oxygen absorption mask and atomizer.
Safety Precautions 
1. The Oxygen Concentrator uses AC power with a rated voltage of 110V / 60HZ or 220V / 50 HZ,
2. If something enters into the machine, please stop immediately, unplug the power supply, and ask professional check it.
3. If you do not use machine for a long time, please do not put the plug in the power socket.
4. It should be used under the guidance of a doctor, and used in accordance with the doctor's recommendations for oxygen inhalation time and oxygen consumption. Excessive use of high-purity oxygen has toxic and side effects on the human body. Users should follow the doctor's instructions to adjust the oxygen flow scale before use.
5.In order to prevent the possible faults or sudden power failure of Oxygen Concentrator, the person in need of oxygen or the seriously ill patient must be equipped with other standby oxygen supply devices
6.Do not use lubricating oil, grease and other similar materials for the Oxygen Concentrator.
7. Do not use Oxygen Concentrator in a confined space.
8.After each using, the Oxygen Concentrator should be turn off for 2 minutes before using again
9.Children are not allowed to operate the machine alone
10.The Oxygen Concentrator should not be used in too humid environment, otherwise it will shorten the service life of oxygen production system
11.The amount of water in the humidification bottle must be maintained between 1/3 and 1/2 of the humidification bottle
12.Oxygen can support combustion. When using the oxygen generator, keep away from the open flame for more than 5 meters and from the heat source for more than 1 meter
13.Patients with mental illness and cognitive impairment cannot operate alone, and should be used under the supervision of hospital staff
14.Oxygen treatment for premature infants should be carried out by medical staff according to the physical conditions of the premature infants, with a reasonable oxygen concentration and oxygen use time, and testing the process of oxygen use.
15.The dosage and usage of the drug for nebulization inhalation should be according to the instructions of the doctor
16.This product is forbidden to use suspension, high viscosity, suspension and high concentration medicinal solution.
17.The liquid drug is incompatible with PVC, ABS, PP, PE and this product is prohibited.
18. The atomization function of this product is driven by compressed air, not by oxygen.
19. According to the doctor's advice, pour an appropriate amount of medicine into the nebulizer cup, and do not exceed the large scale mark.
Please read this instruction manual carefully before use to ensure that you can fully use all the functions of the instrument and ensure safe use.


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