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Metatron Hunter 4025 Scanner And Generalized Purulent Peritonitis

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-07-31
Generalization and evaluation of large clinical material allowed formulating of indications for various variants of operations and fulfilling of intestine anastomosis at generalized purulent peritonitis.
Revealed sanoginic effects of red bartsia extract and "Algipor" preparation prove expediency of these preparations using in integrated surgical treatment of generalized purulent peritonitis which is confirmed by decreasing of after-surgical complications number, intestinal suture defects by 36%, non-formed intestine fistula formation by 29%.
Method of abdominal cavity drainage with use of prolonged draining sorption construction at closed method of peritonitis treatment, terms of its applying are proven, which allowed decreasing of after-surgical complications number by 58,4%, avoid forming of intestine fistulas, decrease festering of after-surgical wound by11,4%, decrease lethality level by 33%.
Diagnostic possibilities of hardware-software system "metatron hunter 4025 scanner" in ascertainment of infectious process etiologic factor are defined. Effectiveness of bio-informational technologies healing effect in integrated treatment of GPP is proven.
Practical appliance of developed diagnostics and treatment principles allowed decreasing number of after-surgical complications and decreasing lethality level in a group of patients with generalized purulent peritonitis.
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