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Metatron Hunter 4025 of NLS-semiotics Lung abscesses

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2020-03-14

At the present moment non-linear diagnostics (NLS) is one of the most promising methods of visualization in many fields of practical medicine. One of the most significant fields is NLS-diagnostics of lung abscesses, however medical literature pays insufficient attention to this issue.

Traditionally diagnostics of purulent-destructive diseases of lungs is fulfilled by roentgenologic study, which is still a golden standard in detection of this pathology, but has a number of limitations. The most important among them, besides radiation exposure of a patient and a therapist – is images summation effect and impossibility to differentiate liquid and tissue structures at the same density of a shade. NLS has no such disadvantages and it provides conceptually new possibilities in visualization of pathological changes by rendering of their three-dimensional image with high spatial and dynamic resolution capability.

Computed tomography creates three-dimensional image with high resolution also, but CT is less available that NLS-study, besides, a special attention must be paid to a specific character of contingent of patients with purulent-destructive diseases of lungs and clinical picture of a disease. That is why in practice lung abscess is diagnosed on the basis of clinical symptoms and thorax x-ray data, however with these methods it is not always possible to identify a nature of a nodular shadow in a lung. Application of NLS allows to get additional and sometimes decisive information about a pathology, but in this case a therapist must know NLS semiotics of lung abscess.
NLS semiotics of lung abscesses is diverse and depends on a content of its cavity and a condition of surrounding tissues. The main diagnostic criteria are structure and contours. NLS structure helps to identify liquid or gaseous body of content, and when they are combined – prevalence of one of the components and character of its spreading in purulent cavity, and on the basis of this information to evaluate efficiency of destruction nidus draining by bronchi and make a conclusion about purulent or gangrenous type of a disease. NLS picture of contours allows to judge about duration of existence and degree of delimitation of purulent cavity from surrounding lung, condition of surrounding parenchyma and possible chronisation of a process.We see the lung scan of Metatron Hunter 4025 in the picture

NLS of thorax is highly informative method of lung abscesses diagnostics, allowing to identify a stage and character of suppurant process, evaluate spontaneous draining of destruction cavity and rate of its separation from pulmonary tissue.
At present, Metatron Hunter 4025 can do this, including more advanced NLS devices

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