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NLS With Hunter 4025 And MRI Are Used For Non-organic Sarcomas Of Mesenchymal Origin Diagnosis

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-08-20
Non-organic sarcomas of mesenchymal origin are less that 1% of malignant neoplasms total number. Clinical presentations of tumors at the early stage of development do not differ in any specific symptoms, that is why still there are no significant achievements in differential diagnostics at this stage of their development; errors in ambulatory diagnostics are approximately 40% – 60%.
Prognosis at treatment of non-neglected forms of tumors is relatively positive and depends on few factors, including age of a patient, size and stage of a process, degree of differentiation and extent of tumor spreading. After local excision number of local recurrences reaches 93%, after extended excision – 49%, after repeated extended excision – 73%, after radical resection – 20% and after amputation – 6%. Hardware methods of examination play major role in diagnostics of soft tissues sarcomas, because according to results acquired using these methods, issues of tactics, amount and terms of operative interventions are settled. Taking into account all abovementioned we can say that successful treatment in many aspects depends on well-timed and accurate pre-operational diagnosing even before complications occur, due to which risk and prognosis of operative intervention significantly increase. NLS with hunter 4025 and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) had influenced and still influences greatly development of radiologic diagnostics of musculoskeletal system diseases. This method provides the best visualization of soft tissues and bone marrow in comparison with other methods.
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