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NLS-method By Bioplasm NLS In Diagnostics Of Pyoinflammatory Diseases Of Pancreatic Gland

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-06-23
Acute pancreatitis is one of the basic problems of modern urgent surgery which is proved by steady growth of disease and high lethality rates.
The important factors defining this circumstance are: late or error diagnosis, underestimation of condition severity of patients and, correspondingly, an inadequate choice of necessary conservative and surgical measures. Principles of surgical treatment of pancreatonecrosis patients are based on the differentiated approach to the choice of operative measures depending on development phase of disease, its clinical-morphological form, severity level of patient’s condition and disease terms. Various degree of pancreatic gland necrotic affection spread and different parts of extraperitoneal cellular tissue, and also the fact of their infection define the choices variety of surgical approaches.
One of the most difficult and problem issues is the issue of acute pancreatitis classification.
In 1992 at International symposium concerning acute pancreatitis in Atlanta (USA) the classification based on differentiation of intrabelly and system complications of acute pancreatitis taking into account of development features of inflammatory and destructive processes, and also disease severity levels has been recommended for clinical use as a result of agreement of 40 leading surgeons-pancreatologists from 15 countries of the world.
Acute pancreatitis was defined as an acute inflammatory process in pancreatic gland with variable involving of other regional tissues or distant systems and organs.
Destructive pancreatitis according to Savelev V.S. classification (1989) has the following forms: haemorrhagic, fatty and purulo-necrotic. Purulo-necrotic complications is the principal lethality cause in case of destructive pancreatitis. Lethality rate at purulo-necrotic complications of acute pancreatitis is 85 %. At present time NLS-method by bioplasm nls takes significant importance in diagnostics of pyoinflammatory diseases of pancreatic gland which allows estimating condition of pancreatic gland in dynamics. Identification of acute pancreatitis form is extremely important because correct information on patient’s condition gives the chance to try to interrupt a pathological chain of disease development by application of the most effective treatment methods at the given form of disease of the patient.
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