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NLS-method in vascular pathology diagnosis

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-10-13
Today the world faces a constant trend of a growing rate of mortality caused by occlusive vascular diseases, especially by cerebrovascular disorders which are in the third place among death causes. On the one hand the trend is caused by a growing number of elderly and aged patients. On the other hand many men even already at 45 have atherosclerotic damage of main head arteries, causing the need for a dispensary observation. The most simple and at the same time informative method of noninvasive diagnosis of occlusive damage of peripheral vessels appeared to be the NLS-method which has been used in clinical practice not long since. The NLS-method is indispensable for differential diagnostics of benign and malignant hepatic diseases. Its sensitivity is comparable with the potentials of conventional or digital angiography and computer-assisted amplified tomography. In addition, the NLS-method is much cheaper, simpler and more intelligible. It can be employed directly at the patient's bedside if required. The NLS-method may be used in ophthalmology to check ocular hemodynamics before or after surgical intervention, in obstetrics to detect the disturbed blood current in umbilical cord arteries with a view to diagnose a retarded fetus development and predict a negative perinatal produce. The NLS-method is one of the most dynamic techniques and within the next few years it is bound to bring some new discoveries.
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