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NLS-study With Metatron 4025 Hunter Is One Of The Most Promising Methods Of Hardware Diagnostics And Monitoring For Liver Transplantation

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-07-06
At the present moment liver transplantation is the only radical method of treatment at terminal stages of chronic diffuse diseases of liver. One of the most promising options of liver transplantation in case of deficiency of cadaveric “imported” organs is a transplantation of liver right love acquired from alive relative donor. The advantages of right lobe of liver using as a transplant are: constant anatomic structure of arterial and portal blood supply of a right lobe; greater diameter of right branch of hepatic artery and so it is more convenient for anastomosing; configuration of a right lobe is more convenient for placing in a recipient’s organism and it excludes a possibility of transplant moving in abdomen during post-operative period; resection of donor’s liver limited by hernihepatectomy volume, at the same time medial vein remains as a part of donor’s liver. So this intervention is more attenuated anatomically, than using of a left lobe.
In medical practice comprehensive NLS-study with metatron 4025 hunter is regarded as one of the most promising methods of hardware diagnostics and monitoring. At the present moment the experience of liver transplantation from alive relative donors is not sufficient, and available references are based on practice on rare transplantation centers where this method is applied. Works on possibilities of integrated NLS-study in evaluation of liver transplant condition and dynamic monitoring of patients during posttransplant period are missing in modern literature. All this has become a reason for carrying out of the present study.
Integrated NLS study, including three-dimensional scanning, NLS- ultramicroscanning with SEA and NLS-ultramicroangiography, is a prospective hardware method allowing ot evaluate condition of liver transplant during various stages of post-transplant period accurately and in proper time.
NLS of liver transplant may become the main method bile ducts condition monitoring, allowing to diagnose biliary complications accurately, and to evaluate possibilities of treatment-diagnostics minimally invasive manipulations and dynamically monitor efficiency of applied treatment.
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