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Non-linear Diagnostics Of Bioplasm NLS Health Analyzer

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At the present day the science and the society in the whole have faced a problem of information overflow. Each day minor and major discoveries happen, each year dozens of new medical devices and systems appear. This is a good trend without questions. However a man is drowning in this ocean of information, he loses the whole picture.

Non-linear (NLS) diagnostics is based on a new physics of quantum-entropic interactions –Quantum-entropic logic theory.

These are the main postulates of this theory:

The fact that information is a material category is acknowledged. Previously existing physical theories describing information interaction in environment (information theory of Claude Shannon, cybernetics of Norbert Wiener) regarded information as some mathematical abstraction, they described basic laws of information exchange, but did not reveal its physical essence.

Quantum-entropic logic theory is the first theory revealing physical essence of information interaction and describing interaction of mass, energy and information.

Quantum-entropic logic theory postulates:

1. Information is a material category, just like energy and mass of a system.

2. Due to the fact that information is material it follows the conservation law. Information cannot disappear without a trace or appear from nowhere. Total amount of information in a closed system (a system, which does not exchange mass, energy and information with environment) – is a constant value. The bioplasm nls health analyzer is the machine which is developed based on non-linear (NLS) diagnostics.

The bioplasm nls is the latest, most innovative and user friendly software and is spreading rapidly around the world.


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