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Possibilities of Biophilia Tracker in specifying diagnostics of endometrium cancerf

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2020-03-31

     Rampant development of computer technologies of recent years and their active introduction into methods of medical visualization resulted in appearance of new methods, offering a possibility to acquire three-dimensional image of a researched object. The mentioned trend, first of all, applies to non-linear (NLS) computed diagnostics. Application of modern three-dimensional modes in NLS-graphy, such as multiplanar reconstruction, detailed reconstruction of an object (Fast Vision), transparency control (Deep Vision), pseudo-roentgen mode and using of special programs for automatic reconstruction of variously shaped objects (4D Tissue) provided a possibility to create highly informative virtual multidimensional images of various organs. Using of three-dimensional NLS-graphy for evaluation of uterine cavity condition and for study of pathological processes in endometrium, according to a number of authors, is more informative than ultrasound research and CT.
NLS-research was fulfilled by high-frequency trigger sensors capable of multidimensional data gathering in an automatic mode, with 4.9 GHz frequency.
       In our NLS-research to study morphological peculiarities of tumorous lesion at EC we used method of three-dimensional NLS-graphy with spectral-entropic analysis (SEA).  At the same time, in image superficial reconstruction mode, rendering of uterus frontal crosscuts was fulfilled, which was impossible when traditional two-dimensional NLS-graphy was applied.
      Therefore three-dimensional NLS-graphy with spectral-entropic analysis in combination with broad spectrum of modern NLS-graphic methods have strengthened positions of NLS-method in intranosological diagnostics of endometrium cancer, sovling a wide range of objectives:
    – accurate localization of a tumor in an uterine cavity;
    – character of primary tumorous nidus;
    – depth of invasion into myometrium;
    – presence of tumorous process transition into cervical canal.

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