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Some Facts Of NLS-research By Metatron Hunter 4025 For Urinary Bladder Cancer

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-09-11
1. Urinary bladder wall in 3D ultramicroscopic imaging has three-layer structure.  
2. In case of urinary bladder cancer the common 2D NLS-research allows visualization of the tumor if its size is more than 5 mm. When performing 3D-ultramicroscopic research the tumors less than 2 mm. can be detected, it is also possible to define tumor’s growth form (exophytic, endophytic or combined one) and its invasion depth into the wall (prevalence of invasion influence both on disease prognosis and therapy method).
3. Major problems appear when diagnosing of initial tumor invasion into muscular layer. Ultramicroscanning with spectral-entropy analysis helps defining the depth of invasion when this occurs.
4. Familiarity with typical semiotics allows making the correct diagnosis when performing NLS-research by metatron hunter 4025 in cases of non-epithelial tumors of urinary bladder and urachus tumors.
5. Information recording of anamnesis and performance of spectral-entropy analysis allow presupposing the correct diagnosis in case of metastases into urinary bladder wall of tumors of another primary localization.
6. Ultramicroscopic research with the use of spectral-entropy analysis allows specifying if the tumor which had been detected in urinary bladder emanates from the bladder wall or it is just a part of the tumor that emanates from other organs (large bowel, neck of womb, prostate gland and etc.) and ingrows into bladder wall.
7. To perform an appropriate diagnostics it is necessary to use all available NLS-research means considering the predisposition of urinary bladder tumor to multifocal growth.
8. Ultramicroscopic NLS-researches are the most effective ones when performing diagnostics of urinary bladder tumors. 3D reconstruction of the image increases both the effectiveness of diagnostics and it also provides more informative presentation of detected changes and it gives the possibility for reviewing of stored information.
9. In case of urinary bladder cancer it is necessary keep in mind the possibility of synchronous prostate cancer.
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