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The Development Theory Of Metatron 4025 Hunter

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-07-17
The fundamentals of modern physics are quantum theory and theory of relativity. One of the consequences of quantum theory is a conception of intercorrelation of all natural phenomena. The theory of relativity has shown that mass bears no relation to any substance and actually is a form of energy that, as a dynamical quantity, is related to activity and processes.
The theory of entropy logic, an interbranch field of scientific research into matter, has substantially broadened and extended the understanding of information interaction of biological systems. The theory of entropy logic is a very essential part of information theory developed by T. Van Hoven in 1980.
Living organisms – from protozoa up to the human body – are not isolated but open systems exchanging matter, energy and information with the environment. According to L. von Bertalanffy‟s definition, a living organism is not a conglomerate of individual elements but a certain system having organization and integrity and changing all the time “… the organisms is rather like a flame than like a crystal or atom”. Similar to it sounds E. Schredinger‟s statement that “the organism is an aperiodic crystal”. At the same time living systems appear to be nonequlibrium, dissipative, self-structurizing and self-organizing. Some dominant problems in terms of philosophy bearing a relation to living matter are the phenomena of self-organizing matter and non-linearity of processes.
Considering the proven fact that on a material substratum level the living organism has everything that is required for complete regeneration or at least for adequate compensation, it follows that aging processes and evolving chronic pathologies and diseases can be directly accounted for by the body‟s loss of information which is needed to form the appropriate control signal. Hence, the self-regulation in a living organism is based on information exchange and on the corresponding formation, transfer and reception of control information signals.
Extensive research has shown that the primary information carrier both within a biological object and between individual bioobjects, including human beings, proves to be electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The information transfer process in itself appears to be energetic, spatial and temporal. Being an open system, the living organism interacts with external as regards the biosystem electromagnetic fields and radiation, and the exogenous influence is adopted by the organism and joins the circumvolution of “information metabolism”.
The possibility of developing an electromagnetic generator that can offer the biosystem a certain functioning algorithm is based on the fact that electromagnetic radiation is able to introduce information into the encephalon directly without common sensory organs involved. Perception, transformation and utilization of an influencing external physical stimulus is a rather complicated and many-sided process. It is possible to purposefully influence this process only with many factors taken into account, ones that are related to laws and phenomena of relativistic physics, entropy logic, synergism and chronobiology.
The Metatron 4025 Hunter is the device based on this theory.
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