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Treatment And Correction Of 18D NLS Health Analyzer

Author:Biophilia  UpdateTime:2021-09-07
More than recommanding preparation, which will help the  organism, the 18D nls health analyzer can send frequencies to the desired organ (meta-therapy) which will reverse the ongoing process, stimulate the homeostasis, and improve the quality of the tissues.
One of the great advantages of meta-therapy is to show how quickly the situation is improving. This can help to get an idea of how intensive energy support is required to recover.
Another possibility offered is a process which put the frequency of a medicinal herb or herbs preparation, into a support such as water, alcohol, sugar or parafine. We obtain a homeopathic preparation which will be an exact match to the needs of the patients. It will conserve the healing caracteristics for a minimum of 3 weeks to improve the condition, and help to reverse the process.
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